Belarta is an established and respected forex broker that provides financial institutions, hedge funds, professional and private forex traders with unrestricted access to the forex markets through a choice of professional trading platforms.

Safety and security for our clients is in the forefront of our priorities. Our clients remain permanently protected with the segregation of client funds, investor compensation fund and trading in the highest level of regulations possible. Belarta utilises regulated banks as counterparties that offer the most competitive forex rates.

To ensure total transparency and ultimate security of funds, Belarta provides personal segregated accounts with leading banks for high net worth clients. This facility is an added security advantage that is truly rare. However, we believe our clients deserve definitive facilities to satisfy their protection requirements.

Belarta is comprised of an experienced, multicultural and professional management team, each contributing to the Belarta vision by providing the required perspective to enable the company to deliver a comprehensive range of financial services for global traders.

Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50